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Snippet Alert

New snippet posted at Paksworld blog.

This one is from Oath of Fealty (next book out)   and the characters involved are Paks, Dorrin, and the Knight-Commander of Falk.  Dorrin has the viewpoint.  

Those not familiar with the Paksenarrion world won't know that magelords made themselves thoroughly unpleasant and as a result were driven out (less completely than some people thought. A few families in Tsais retained magery, but the most powerful achieved results with blood magic.  That there is a real, genuine, first-class-A-1 magelord is about to shock the populace.)     Elves are accepted (they're not human, so it's easier to believe their magical abilities really are innate), wizards are suspect but their powers are known to be the result of long study.  

But magelords?  

They're illegal.  At least, using their magery is illegal.  At least, using their magery is illegal unless...well.  That's part of the story.

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