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Paksenarrion's World Website Update (minor)

The front page of the site is now just about done (though websites are never exactly "done.")

Ruta did a bit of site maintenance this morning, and removed the "under construction" note from the front page, then added three links under the  intro text, to make it very simple to go from there to the Paksworld blog, my home page, or this LJ.

I expect most of you have seen the site by now,  but if you still see the "under construction" sentence, refresh your browsers. 

Otherwise, the link:  http://www.paksworld.com

The main divisions all have content now, though the content isn't "full" yet.  I will be adding content--mostly background material for new readers or those who haven't re-read and don't quite remember some history bits or geography bits--over the coming months.  Eventually, yes, I'll get the map of Aarenis scanned in (when I'll have time to finish the map of the north is WAY up in the air.)  When my editor gives me the go-ahead, I'll also start posting "reader bites" much like the snippets I've posted on the blog. 

My plan now is that all snippets will go up on the blog first, and then migrate to the website, under the "fiction" heading.  But none are there yet, so don't be surprised when you can't find them.  They're on the blog, for now.

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