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Tuesday: Still Not Well (or King)

Despite the intention to get back up and get *something* done online (at least answer email) yesterday , I went *thud* and didn't even read all the email.  Didn't even go through and notice all the email.

Part of the *thud* was the Revenge of the Antibiotic.  Those of you who have experienced it know exactly what I'm mentioning here and are no doubt grateful I'm not sharing any more information than that. 

So my "up" time was mostly limited to wavering out to the kitchen to refill my water glass, and being shaky by the time I got back to the bedroom.

I need to try to crawl through the emails because I have a vague memory that there was *something* important somewhere in there, or was going to be, or something like that.  I hope my befuddled brain didn't interpret Please Respond Important Message About Your Account (in a bank I don't have an account in) as actually important...

But my energy just ran out again, so I'm going back to bed now.  A little grumpy, but grumpiness is a sign of recovery, so I've read.

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