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Digital doo-doo

I am fortunate in having a spouse who is more patient and determined than I am when faced by situations that do not match the ones in the installation manual.

The converter box is now "installed" (e.g. sitting precariously on the curved top of) on the TV.   I bailed on the process early on, since the jacks on the TV were fewer in number than the directions said we should have, the remote wouldn't do anything (even after a battery change) and I had had a negative feeling about the whole digital conversion process from the get-go, probably exuding enough negativity to knock out power in a mile radius.

I dislike the whole "Oh, we're upgrading and you're going to be so much happier" attitude.   No, I won't.  I'm going to lose the functions I care about--the ones I find most useful and enjoyable--and acquire functions I didn't want in the first place and have no need for, all so  you (the mythical "you" who thought this up) can feel clever and forward-thinking.   It happened with computer software, with where the controls are on automobiles, and of course consumer electronics of all kinds.  

Yes, I have a love-hate relationship with the digital world...I like it fine when it does what I want it to do, and I hate it when someone decides that it should no longer do what I want it to do but should do what they think I should want it to do instead.  

Am I a stick in the mud?   No, I'm a tree in the mud, trying to grow faster than the water rises and continue to flower and fruit at the top.    

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