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Grindstone, nose, still on

The book is coming together.  It's not done, but the final shape is there. 

The task list remains higher than my sightline.  There's the final bit of first-drafting (some chapters that needed chapters behind them done, to determine their shape.)  There's revision and polishing.  Then printing and shipping, which always takes longer than planned because something always goes wrong with the paper or printer.  There's the next thing under contract, due two weeks after this one.  Preparation for a Toastmistress appearance.  Preparation for a Musketeers performance.  Preparation for a long road trip.  Dare I mention housecleaning?  Sorting?  Discarding?  Trying to find a place for what remains?  Roof replacement?   Copyedited manuscript will show up in there, too (and please, PLEASE let it not be like last summer's disaster), and contract negotiations...)   Trying to get son set up with the services he is supposed to get--still haven't settled on a provider (none look great) and try to get him more training and some job-coach help and eventually an apartment somewhere...

There's other stuff, because I know I'm missing things, but that's a start.

However...the immediate grindstone under my nose is this book.   So long for now...

Tags: scheduling, work

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