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Nose to the Grindstone (multi-tasking)

Current book wordage: 98,768

Current prep for the toilet replacement: ongoing.  Hall is clear.  Bedroom door now opens all the way.  Living room floor, on the other hand, is rapidly being covered.

Anyone want a pair of unused tall riding boots?  These are the ones I didn't get broken in before the trip in 2001, and have not worn since.  Good quality, too.   Would gladly sell them so I don't feel guilty about not fitting into them (fat calves) every time I move the box.

First laundry load is on the line.  Next load of laundry is about ready to go on the line; third load is waiting. 

Other tasks also ongoing. 

I hate multi-tasking.  I want to write the book.  I want to go out on the land.   I want all the problems to disappear.  Fat chance.

Tags: multi-tasking, the writing life

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