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Well, I tried

I had an LJ message from someone who friended me today, and I tried to reply only to be told I couldn't because the person had "engaged the privacy option."  

Folks, if you want a reply, you have to make it possible.

But here's the gist of what I said, in answer to some questions:

LiveJournal is the general all-the-books-and-more place where I interact with fans.  My newsgroup at SFF.net gets some book discussion, but is older and has a more established group who hang out there.  I think of it as a fishing cabin on a rock-bottomed river, where there are old tractor seats on the front porch and a couple of beat-up couches inside, and we sit around and chat about everything.

The newer blogs were added this year to concentrate discussion of particular projects: the Paksenarrion books (and the new ones I'm writing in that world), The Speed of Dark and autism-related topics, and our wildlife management project (on which I want to write a book "someday."  These blogs have RSS feeds.  I'm migrating pictures of the land & wildlife to the 80 Acres blog because it's easier to upload images there than here in LiveJournal.

It's always a good idea to lurk for awhile and observe the natives and their ways (this is partly a joke)--I do have rules for my online spaces, but normal courtesy is sufficient.  My online time is limited (I have books to write and a life outside writing) so I'm not always able to get into long extended discussions or provide long, detailed answers to questions.

Hope that helps.  It sounds to me as if you might enjoy my LJ more than the focused blogs, at least for now.  You're welcome to try the SFF.net group (and, if you haven't explored SFF.net, there's a ton of writers on there and lots of discussion groups.) 

Right now my arthritis is giving me fits writing on this machine, so I'm going to quit for the day, or at least a few hours.

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