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Shortly after the plumber left, having installed the new toilet, the flooring person called up to say that the flooring I'd chosen had been discontinued.  (I knew finding the perfect flooring on the first visit was highly suspect.)   He suggested that rather than a not-so-great vinyl I might want to go for a cheap carpet (cheap being a highly relative term!)  that I could just throw out when it got stained.  After a brief period of mourning, I drove the 20 miles down there to look at more samples.  The cheap carpet, a sort of Berber nubbly stuff, would've been comfortable underfoot, but none of the colors (when I brought the sample sheet home) were all that good.  I had also brought the vinyl sample book home...and decided the second-best one would do.

Then a flurry of calls back and forth to the flooring place, as we checked to make sure that pattern was available (yes, no, yes)  and a sudden possibility that the first pattern, the really good one, has been re-numbered and might still be available (maybe, no).   The person in the office couldn't give me a cost comparison, but she could give me an availability comparison--the vinyl could be in their place (not here) the next day, but the carpet would take 3-4 days to arrive (in other words, maybe or maybe not by the end of the week.)    On the basis of really wanting all this finished by my birthday if possible, I opted for the vinyl.

Double the digits and up the scale looks to be about right, as a one-day project is turning into a two week project.
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