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Home Repairs Again

The vet is coming this morning to do the spring meds and dental work for both horses.

So guess who calls up and announces that his crew is coming this morning to lay the flooring in the bathroom?

Well, that would be the flooring contractor, yes. 

Sigh.   I suppose it's better than tomorrow morning, when I have to go to the community college that is handling this end of a high-tech conference for me, to test the equipment, settings, etc.   The conference itself will be March 31.    (I thought it would be easier on all of us--except the tech people--if I could do this with a long-distance hookup instead of flying to Maryland at the end of March and getting sick so that my trip to the Nebulas in California in April would be miserable or impossible.  I may need to re-think that notion.)


Tags: life in the country, repairs

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