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Teleconferencing test run

I went over to test out the hookup between CTC and Howard Community College--the test went by much faster than I expected.   There's a monitor and a camera perched on top of it, and a hovering tech on my end, and a hovering tech at the other.  The techs did tech things at each other for a few minutes and then "my" tech handed me the  headset (we won't be using that one in the actual teleconference, though the Princess Leia effect of the earpieces is quite fetching...)  and turned the laptop around so the camera pointed at me.   And I had "other end tech" on the screen beside me on the screen, which was...surreal for all of 2 seconds and then felt natural.  

Their end needs to wire up the auditorium they're going to use (um...it had not occurred to me until today that most of what the audience sees will be my head.  My giant head, floating there on the big screen, like something out of a horror movie, detached from all else.   Why didn't this happen when I was 40 years younger and looked it???  Oh, well.  I'm the one who asked about doing this.)

I'm assured that the two techs involved today are indeed going to be the two techs involved on the day.  

I've done television interviews, where I had no live audience to play off of, but most of the time--at colleges or conventions--I'm right there with people.  I'm hoping my energy sustains the same way when I'm looking at a monitor.   Maybe extra dark chocolate that morning....

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