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Snippet alert

There's a new snippet up at the Paksworld blog.

I mean to put one up on my birthday in each of the blogs but things got busy and I missed one.

The plumber's here now and has just pointed out that the fumes from the gas hot water heater weren't going out the vent to the roof because the pipe was disarticulated (that was R's term; the plumber said "broke.")   So it's a good thing I asked for the heater to be evaluated and we're lucky the house is so leaky. 

By the end of the day, maybe, we will have two fewer leaky faucets, the last of the new toilets installed,  two old toilets gone, the hot water heater checked out, and (in an unrelated situation) both horses "shot up" with their spring stuff, Coggins tested, and floated (equine dental work is called "floating" for reasons I've never understood.  A tranked 1500 pound horse does not "float.")   With luck, the vet won't arrive until after the plumber has gone and I've had time for lunch in between.

Or not, the way things have been going.

Tags: life in the country, life with horses, plumbing, the writing life

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