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Sometimes you win one

Horse owners know specific little flashes of pleasure when they accomplish the following before a spell of wet weather:

1) the farrier comes and all the horses are trimmed (and shod, if they're shod, but at least trimmed.)
2) the vet comes and all vet work needed in the near future on all the horses is done
3) the barn is full of good, non-moldy hay that wasn't rained on in the field after cutting or baling.

I accomplished two of the three: the farrier came last week, and the vet came Monday, when the ground was still dry enough to drive right up to the barn.  Hay--we haven't had a normal hay crop in this region for three years now (the year of floods, it was flooded out; that was followed immediately by drought years.)   So the hay in the hay barn is what we can get, not the ideal...but the vet pronounced them both healthy (and Illusion didn't need his teeth floated, which is amazing.)

The shorter the interval between the visits of farrier and vet, and the actual arrival of the  wet spell, the more satisfaction the horse-owner feels, of the "Boy, I timed that right" variety, though one of these worthies driving away just as a torrential rain starts is more likely to produce "Cut that a bit close..."

Tags: life in the country, life with horses

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