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80 Acres: photos linked

I posted some pictures from yesterday's walk on the land at the 80 Acres blog .    In the next few days I should be able to get more good ones.   If you wander over that way and want to comment, please do so there...asyouknowbob, I'm trying to prove there's enough interest in the topics to make it feasible to write a book. 

Though nothing's going to interrupt the new Paks-world books, no matter what.

For those who then wander to the 80Acresonline website and see references to things that aren't there yet--they will be.   The web-presence committee (Ruta and I) have had other things we had to do first.  (Books on contract and books generating invitations to speak at universities get their websites polished first...)

Tags: photography, the writing life

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