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Nose to the Grindstone

Book is now at 130,236.  What had seemed but one plot bomb had--like some fireworks--others embedded in it, that kept bursting along.  In some ways a book is like a party: if you want a good party, you invite people who will make it one, and all you have to do is supply the place and time.  With the right characters, a book (or this part of a book) takes off happily on its own, generating plot like crazy. 

Usually this is good but sometimes the writer is having Too Much Fun, like the host at the party who's the one in the lampshade.   I'm never sure, when I'm having this much fun, if it's "real" plot or I'm wearing the lampshade.

But anyway...Arvid is a great character for plot-generation.   He can't walk across a room without setting something in motion.

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