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How to Go to Maryland without Leaving Texas

This morning, I drove up to Central Texas College, and with the aid of the technical wizards there (who are my age, which is reassuring)  I spent an hour and a half at Howard Community College in Maryland.   The magic isn't quite  perfected yet (some audio problems on both ends) but the audience didn't boo or walk out, and the questions indicated some familiarity with the book and some serious thinking going on. 

I don't know how they felt about it yet, but from my end it was a success.  It is different talking to a monitor with people's rather blurry selves on it, but it's doable and fun and not nearly as exhausting as driving to the airport, sitting waiting in the airport, being crammed into the plane, changing planes, more of the same, all the way there and back.

Tags: teleconference, the writing life

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