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Large fires in thinly populated areas with little scenic value (e.g., no big beautiful national parks or forests) get little play in the national media.  However, it's worth mentioning that Texas and Oklahoma are once more dealing with many many thousands of acres of wildfires.   Yesterday, the smoke from fires well to the north permeated the air in central and SW Texas. 

Texas has 254 counties.   The governor has asked FEMA for an emergency declaration for 199 of them.  Many are rural counties with only volunteer firefighters, who are overwhelmed by the extent and frequency of the wildfires.  (It is ironic that the governor is staunchly against "taxes" and "big government",  and threatened to refuse any economic recovery funds....but he's always eager to ask for help in law enforcement and FEMA and brag about how much the feds provide for Texas in those areas...I guess he thinks the money for those comes from angels in heaven and not taxpayers.)

At any rate, our forecast for the weekend includes severe thunderstorms and either extreme fire danger (from high winds and dry air behind the front that is expected to trigger the thunderstorms) or slightly mitigated fire danger if the front moves slowly enough to produce a true wetting rain.  Large hail, high winds, and possible tornados are more likely, tnough.  No matter how heavy the downpour, if the storm zooms past in 15 minutes, it's not enough rain to lower fire danger, esp. when followed by dry wind that quickly sucks the water back out of the ground before plants have a chance to take it up.

The bad stuff (or good stuff, if it's rain without large hail or tornados) is supposed to hit between midnight Saturday and noon Sunday.   That means it will be going great about the time I need to leave for church.   I will have to watch the forecast carefully.  If there's large hail, I'm not going to try to drive 50 miles in it.

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