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Sleep, wonders of

Bed before midnight.  Not quite sleep before midnight since the Significant Other was reading until I complained about the light.  But in bed, flat, in clean sheets, and then (with darkness) asleep. 

And (confession) I'd had a nap in the afternoon, only an hour or so but still a help.  So waking at dawn today (which is when my light-sensitive bod chooses to  wake) felt good and not "oh-please-not-yet-I'm-so-tired".  Bouncy (as bouncy as anyone my age and weight can be) and chipper and probably disgusting to those less lark-like than I am.   But--eyes not burning.  Shoulders not hurting.  Ready for the day...well, for breakfast anyway. And second breakfast.  Not grumpy already at 8 am. 

Still lots to do on the book--even if I don't find other places I failed to move something from working files to chapters--but not such a grinding feeling.   Bread will be made today, in spite of expected storms (they're out there; I can see the tops even this early.)  I will manage a walk.  And work will be done. 

Laundry, other stuff...that'll wait another day.   Or at least until after the walk.

I really do better with enough sleep.

So do most people, though a lot of us don't get it.   But it really does 'knit up the ravelled sleeve of care..."


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