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Progress report

Glitches found and ironed out...severalmany.  Minor stylistic infelicities reworked...manymany. 

And in the meantime, since I need to see the ms. fresh for this kind of revision, I have an excuse to get up and go out when it's not raining, thundering, or otherwise sending me back inside.

The result of this sporadic venturing into the outer light is another new species-this one a beetle.  These things look scary, like wasps, but they aren't wasps...they're wasp-sized beetles with red heads and legs and yellow and dark striped elytra (that look like a wasp's abdomen.  And they run very fast over the bark of the dying ash in the front yard.  Specifically, these are red-headed ash borer beetles, Neoclytus acuminatus.   I first saw them several days ago, but did not get anything but a blur when I tried to photograph them.  Today I caught one ovipositing in the dead side of the ash, and got images good enough to make the ID. 

That makes 17 beetle species so far for the place, though one of them isn't IDed at all, just photographed.  A crowd of those were eating soapberry flowers as fast as they could.

I also found a honeybee that someone had glued a marker number to, but none of my images of it were clear enough to read the marker (could tell it was numbers, but apparently the bee was stickier than usual and it was covered with white fuzz on the thorax, where you put bee numbers if you're numbering bees.    (You'd never get me to grab a bee and paint/draw/write/glue numbers on its back!)

The ms. has now been seen by two  sets of eyes and a third is reading it now.  I've marked a lot of stuff and am in the process of transferring that to the computer files. 

Oh, we did a good job with our anthems this Sunday:  "Bright Canaan" and "O Taste and See."

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