e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Printing done

In spite of the severalmany things that went wrong during the day, besides the farrier's interrupt (very welcome, that!)   the manuscript is all printed out.  It needs to be boxed up in the morning and hauled off to the post office.

The body of the ms. (no front matter--dedication, acknowledgements) is 628 pages, about 121,000 words.

Just in case you wondered. 

Also just in case you wondered, it's always unwise to walk out of the room while the printer is chomping away at a file, because that is when the paper will jam.  And, if you aren't there to intervene immediately, it will wrap the paper around and around and around, and stuff other papers into the same mess, and you will have a very annoying time getting it all straightened out.  Esp. if you've forgotten that yet another part of the printer can open up and give you access to the innards.

I was tired.  I left the room and lay down "just for a moment" and fell asleep, waking to the frenzied "whap-screech" noise of a very unhappy printer.  And too sleepy to remember the entire "clear really bad paper jams" sequence. 

Later, there was another little problem when I decided to change ink cartridges after starting a print job (I was doing 25 pages at a time) and the two machines, printer and computer, decided to quit talking properly. 

But all's well that ends well and it's printed and I'm going to bed now.

Tags: writing

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