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The Writing Life: it never stops...

Today, I talked business with a writer/game-designer friend  at lunch, then went over to my web-guru's house to scan in the completed (or so I thought--but erasing "the last" pencil marks in the kitchen light last night at midnight did not get all of them, as the scanner proved) map-strip for this book....which took awhile as we tried it at different dpi and different sizes...

And when I finally got home tonight,  I found a big fat package of page-proofs from Baen for another Serrano/Suiza omnibus.  "Return by ASAP" said the directions.   And I still have a rough paragraph to straighten out for the non-fiction article that's on deadline.   And a friend's student would like a few questions answered...

Just in case you thought, having turned in the revisions to the editor, I was lolling around in luxurious idleness...(Oh, and there's the book I'm first-drafting, which they'd like me to finish well before the deadline so it can hit Production in time to come out just one year after the first....)

Mind you, I love this job.   But a leetle bit of a break would be welcome.

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