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Finally...Star Trek

After months and months of missing movies I kindasorta wanted to see, I finished the critical items this weekend and was able to take off to see Star Trek this afternoon.

And thoroughly enjoyed it.

Before any detractors leap on me, understand that I am not a movie critic and (with very few exceptions) don't consider movies or judge them the same way I do books.  Nor am I a dedicated Trek fan, though I was when I was watching the original series as it first came out.  (The girls who wanted to watch something else on the college TV were SOL on Thursday nights...we Trekkies took over the lounge.)   I haven't seen all the movies or (hardly any of) the spinoffs.   (Not through lack of interest, but lack of TV for 17 years followed by lack of time--the only station that carried any Trek-related SF put it on late at night and my days began really early when I was home-schooling Michael.)   So all it had to do was entertain me, which it did.

I liked the movie; I liked the actors, I enjoyed the echoes of the earlier series. 

And of course, being an SF writer, I want them to make a gorgeous thing like that out of one  of MY books someday...I've been told it's too expensive, but gee golly wow it wouldn't need to be THAT expensive...(imagine writer opening flap of trench coat to show pretty book-covers...)

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