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With sword in hand

For many physical skills I'm a slow learner...once I've got it, I've got it, but the learning curve is low and slow.  This makes it especially nice/fun/a thrill when suddenly something I've been struggling with for months (years?) pops into place.

Tonight it was a particular parry-riposte combination when fighting with sword and buckler.  Everything was going as usual (wearing myself out *not* getting touches on my instructor) when suddenly...it wasn't that I remembered what I'd been told (and practiced at half speed repeatedly)...it was as if a target area were highlighted and my blade slid right into it before I even thought "Hit that!"    My parry didn't impeded my attack; my attack timing was dead on.  And bingo, it worked.  Not just once, either. 

Also had the chance to watch two very stylish fencers, just about evenly matched, go at it--wow.  Single-blade, mostly, but also combinations.   Educational, entertaining, a delight.

Tags: fencing
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