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With sword in hand and tick on neck

Made it to fencing...made it through fencing.  Have only one bruise (that's visible so far--but it was the only hit I really felt.)   For an out-of-practice old lady with the remains of the cold I caught in  Australiia (mild shortness of breath) I did OK.  Not great, but not totally sucky either.   I haven't forgotten everything, though you'd think by now I wouldn't miss a parry and get a beginner bruise in the upper sword arm.  DUH. 

But afterwards, chatting in the living room, I felt something on my neck...tickling.  Reached up and--yes, ick, a tick. Not  attached, just roaming around looking for someplace.  Brrrrrrr.

Once you've found one tick on yourself, you're sure that every other itch, tickle, or odd feeling is more of them.  It wasn't, but on the long drive home (which included a stop at the grocery store to pick up yeast and brown sugar for the bread I'll be baking tomorrow, garlic pesto, and cooking wine, and a stop for gas) I was sure that innumerable ticks were settling in for the night. 

Now the book is calling.  Words must hit the page.

Tags: fencing, swords, ticks

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