e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Done (and storm)

The book went off in the mail yesterday morning.  Hurray, hurray!

I had planned to spend today relaxing with the camera.  This was foiled by sleeping late, then a bout of migraine visual aura (like the worst flashy-loud design you ever saw on a website--bright scintillating angles in shiny silver-gilt with black), then a (not horrible yet) migraine which I thought was receding...so I got up to go out with camera, only to find a rumbling thunderstorm outside. 

So there's rejoicing but also frustration.  I wanted to be well!  energetic!  bouncy! and most of all OUTSIDE today, taking pictures of dragonflies and butterflies and beetles and snails and whatever else I could find...and instead I'm facing another dive under the table to unplug everything.  

However...the book is gone, the book is gone, the book is gone at last.  I'm sure my agent, and then my editor, will find flaws...but I don't have to think about that today.  The book can't get to NYC until tomorrow.   And my agent has jury duty, so he won't start reading it until the weekend, at the earliest. 

I suppose I should start housecleaning now......(yeah, right, with a migraine pressing on the sinuses and a thunderstorm outside...SURE the woman who hates housecleaning will start housecleaning now...I SO don't think that will happen.)

No, I think back into the bed may be a good idea for a few hours.   After maybe some chicken soup for lunch.  Comfort...that's the ticket.  Sheer lazy self-indulgence.


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