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Nose to the Grindstone: the second book goes on...

2243 words so far today, a bit over 7000 for the week.   Apparently the extra sleep yesterday worked.

Interesting stuff happening.   What happens when someone who's only ever used a rapier or a longsword is suddenly stuck in the midst of a fight with only a short sword and infantry shield?

I still have no title for this one, but titles often come to me late. 

The book would like to lead me into interesting byways.  I would like to finish it.   In this story universe, the only way to finish it may be to wander those confusing trails and discard what doesn't fit later.  

Now to get some work done outside before we're in the high 90s (highs of 98-100F expected today and through the next ten days.  At least.)

Tags: paksworld, the writing life

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