e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

80 Acres: New posts, new pictures

I've forgotten to note when new posts are up on the 80 Acres blog--sorry.  But there are pond-related pictures with some handsome dragonflies, water lilies, an adult ant-lion, etc. and a post about seeing (and not getting a picture of) a young gray fox. 

This link gets you to all of them.

I'm posting just about all images over there now, because it's much quicker to upload there and the upload doesn't (so far) hang up. 

The ant-lion, by the way, is the same species that I photographed on a window-screen about a year ago (May 31 rather than July 13.  Close enough.  This one fluttered out of a tree as I walked past and I was able to keep my eye on it until it landed. 

Tags: wildlife

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