e_moon60 (e_moon60) wrote,

Some more new pictures...

I put up new pictures on my website, including some really nice ones taken this morning when--briefly--there was sun on the American Rubyspot damselflies.   This set also includes some flowers, some butterflies, and a dragonfly that I think may be a flag-tailed spinyleg. 


These will be up about a week, and then be part of the archives; hopefully I'll have more by next week.

It was a hot, muggy morning to slog through wet grass down to the north ford of the creek, but the Rubyspots and the other new species (that I hope is the spinyleg) made it worth the sweat.   I lugged along the full photography backpack with the big lens, monopod, and a pair of rubber shoes for standing in the shallows of the creek.  (Note to others...when you are standing in inch deep water, make sure it's not on top of several-inches-deep soft mud, or you'll get a shoe-full of water.  I didn't, quite.)  It would also have been a good idea to take along a waterproof dropcloth to set the camera on  (and maybe my backside on) while changing shoes, changing lenses, etc. 

Tags: flowers, photography, wildlife

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