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Almost there...

I've been deep in copy edits since Thursday evening, a marathon of staring at marked-up manuscript pages and trying to ensure that it's all correct....or, if I disagree with a copy editor's mark, whether it's worth "stetting" or not.   For those of you not writers, to "stet" a mark is to say "Let it stand" (as it was.)

There are standard ways to mark manuscripts, but about two in the morning, if you're not normally a night person, you start making mistakes.  Since you can't erase any marks (theirs or yours) you then have to fumble your way through the instructions to find out how to fix your mistakes without recourse to the eraser...which is especially hard if you're so tired you forgot you weren't supposed to use it.

However...almost there.  I think.  

Tags: the writing life

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