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Soup (again)

Started large (20 quart) pot today.   Two large stewing hens, lots of celery, carrot, onion, garlic, parsley, bay leaves, black pepper, other herbs.  The drought has done in our herbs (water restrictions meant we could not water the vegetable garden as much as it needed) so herbs are dried.  

 Making and putting up this much stock and chicken meat is a two-day task (though, past chopping up the vegetable bits, the first day is mostly monitoring the degree of simmer), but it saves me a lot of time down the road, and I need to do it only a few times a year.   I put up
chicken stock for the freezer in 1 quart containers and b) chicken meat for the freezer in two-cup lumps.   Since I use chicken stock entirely (or almost) in a chicken soup, the one-quart amounts are perfect--dilute one with a quart of water, add a packet of chicken and whatever else (rice, barley, black beans, white beans, red beans, corn,  diced tomatoes, green chilis, etc.) we feel like that day.  

Yes, I'm still loving my big soup pot. 

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