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Cover Art for UK edition of Deed

My editor at Orbit UK has let me post the cover of their edition of The Deed of Paksenarrion on the Paksworld blog.

I'll give y'all the same reminder I gave the blog denizens: the purpose of the cover art is to attract the right readers for that book--people who will enjoy it.   Accuracy is not the point:  selling books is the point.   This is a very striking cover, eye-catching and evocative.  Does the figure in the foreground look like Paks?  Not really.  So what?   Is the armor exactly right?  Not really.  So what?   It's right in the book, where it counts.  This is cover art.  

Like all readers (and writers) I like some cover art a lot better than other cover art, in the sense of what I might want to look at on my wall,  but that's a separate axis from "Will this cover sell books?"    My taste in art isn't the point.  Remember the point?   "Selling books..."  Yes, very good, you understand.

This one should sell books.

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