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Travel, Crowds, etc. - MoonScape [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Travel, Crowds, etc. [Aug. 13th, 2009|05:00 pm]
[Current Mood |exhausted]

Today I'm trying to get out of the house for ArmadilloCon.  Should be at the hotel by now.  I'm not, obviously.

I did get my hair washed.  But then I ran into Other Stuff.   Had I remembered to wash the right clothes?  Despite loads of laundry this week?   Of course not.   I suddenly realized I needed to print out what I'm going to read.  Had I done that?  Are you kidding?   I needed to print out the gorgeous, heart-stoppingly beautiful cover to the new book...which meant finding the good printer paper.  Which meant finding the empty box I never threw away (and thought had paper in it) and panicking, and finally finding the right box, which--when pulled from its stack--naturally precipitated an avalanche onto my feet.    And then the *!!* printer first chose to do it in pink---ACK!--and then graytone--ACK! ACK!--and then it took a long phone call to my wonderful webguru Ruta, with her prodding me to look at every, tiny, hard-to-read possibility to realize that at some point the printer thought it had been told to do grayscale (but then, why the disgusting shade of romance-cover-pink in the first round???

Then I had to clean the nozzles.  Then I had to check that the nozzles were clean.   THEN I could print the thing.  I wanted a couple of copies.  First came out fine.  Second came out in a little strip along the left margin (my printer does this every once in a while, but only when I have the expensive good paper in and have asked for photo quality or best photo quality.)   Third time I got the second good print finally.

This on top of other stuff had me late enough that I thought I should call the hotel and see if A- was there yet and let her know I'd be late.  Later than late, maybe.  But I couldn't find the email in which A- had sent me the confirmation number for our room.  ACK! again.   I spent considerable time hunting through email (this is why I keep email but it does make a lot to look through) and finally found it--tried to copy and paste--and managed to delete it.  So then I had to figure out which trash can it was in and retrieve it...

It's been that kind of day ALL DAY.   I was wakened in the middle of the night by a headache,  and couldn't sleep until after dawn, at which point I was supposed to be up!  bright!  busy!   And I have been up! snarling! busy! dropping things, missing things, etc. all day now.

As for being pre-packed for the trip Monday morning....no.   First things first. 

Early in the week I set out to a) take a nap every afternoon and b) get to bed earlier every night, to make up for the various physical things that kept me awake last week.  So I'd be rested for all this.  Care to guess how well that worked and how rested I am?     Yeah.   What I really want to do is crawl into the other room, hide under the covers, and sleep for three days.  Dark and quiet sound really good.  Instead...I'm sitting here complaining, which does no good at all. 

OK.  Back to the whatever this is....


[User Picture]From: cdozo
2009-08-14 02:15 am (UTC)
Sorry it's being hectic. Soon you will be resting in bed.

I'll see you tomorrow.
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[User Picture]From: e_moon60
2009-08-14 03:36 am (UTC)
I'm home now--Richard had taken Michael into the city for another visit to ACC (yes, thanks to you, this may work!!) and ice skating, but didn't want to wait down there. So I went in to register at the hotel and then pick Michael up from ice skating and come home. Strange but true. Went by DRW's briefly to see how he was doing and what time he might show at ArmadilloCon tomorrow.

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[User Picture]From: cdozo
2009-08-14 04:01 am (UTC)
I've done a similar thing getting ready for Kerrville. Packed everything and been ready to leave and had clear road. But it was late and I was tired and if I stayed I could finish whatever chores were undone. So I stayed. Sometimes I have to unpack clothes or dishes to have what I need. The time for leaving isn't always what was planned.

Tomorrow, your room will be there waiting for you.
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