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Hating the interface, really annoyed

At this moment I could chew glass and spit it.   Somehow--I don't know how--I managed to "save" a style I was trying to look at.  I could not get back to the style I started with.   I ended up with a horrible pink thing at one point (I dislike pink a lot; the default for that style *said* it was shades of blue, but turned out to be a horrible dead-pink color) and my title disappeared as well.   I can't look at the journal while making changes; there is no indication on the page where I'm entering choices of what it will look like....no preview function....it just does it.

And then, trying to check something and come back to a post to the journal, I  was suddenly told that the post didn't exist (after it had offered to restore the post and I said yes) and it wanted a password.

WHAT?  That's idiotic. 

Yes, I have read the FAQs about customizing one's journal.  Yes, I have been to (and through) the section several times.  Ever notice that not all the examples will actually display???   And that the examples that do display  are not accurate???  For instance, there should be a title displayed now and there isn't.  The example of 3-column shows, or appears to show, a title bar.  But there is no title bar.  Why not?  I dun't know.  Do the people who designed it  know?  Probably not. 

I am not a happy camper.   It is after midnight and once more I am stymied by something that ought to be simple.   A frame for header (defined by pixel count, for instance): put in it the graphic and/or text you want, in the color you want.   A frame for a sidebar (or choose no sidebar) and choose the links/listings to go in there in the color you want.   A frame for posts and comments, choose the font and color of background and text.  That's all it would take.   Users should be able to just click in the elements into existing blank frames *with a workspace that shows what it will look like* so you can accept or refuse each change as you make it.

Grumph.  I'm too sleepy to fight more with it tonight.  At least I got rid of the pink, but I want my title bar, dammit.


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