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ARGH again.

You're tired of this topic.  I'm really tired of this topic.

So this morning I set out to find, claim, and assert rights to what I fondly hoped were the last bits of my stuff that Google should not use.

There's a Baen book entitled Armageddon, edited by David Drake and Billie Sue Mosiman, in which I have a story, "The Last Battle."

I hadn't been able to find my copy, but my husband did (it was in "his" cabinet...!)  so I entered all the info from the book (title, my name, date, ISBN) only to be told that the ISBN is not valid.

Yes, dimwits, the ISBN exists, it's on the stinkin' book.  Back cover and copyright page.   If that's not "valid," what the heck is?   The search function can't find the book (the search function can't find most anthologies...it also doesn't believe that Easton Press books exist.)   So I did what I've done for other anthologies I don't have to hand (hey--I get only one copy and after 20 years they sometimes go astray) and went to Amazon to hunt it up.  Amazon doesn't have much info about it, not even the ISBN, but something called an ASIN.  And if you want to pay $75 for a copy of the mass market paperback, you can.   Will Google take that ASIN?  Do hogs have feathers?  Of course it won't.  I then take the time to search the Baen website, where I can't find the book listed by title the catalog.

So I have a book in my hand (well, beside the keyboard at the moment) that Google thinks doesn't exist, that Baen has forgotten exists, and my story is in there, ripe for the plucking, even though it's also in my own anthology Moon Flights, because Google doesn't care that it's the same story--if I don't plug every single tiny hole Google won't even pretend to pay attention to my copyright.   (Reminder--my copyright for the story "The Last Battle" covers the last battle in every situation.)

On the good side, while discovering four of my anthologies hidden behind other paperwork in his cabinet, my husband found an anthology and story I'd forgotten until then--Warrior Princesses and the story "My Princess"--which aren't on the list on my website.  That will be remedied shortly.

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