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More help needed...

As I soldier on through the ambushes of the Google Books Settlement rights-claiming forms, I find that I'm still missing a few bits of data I need to satisfy the forms and form-readers.   Since my LJ fans have been so generous in helping me out thus far, I venture to ask another favor:

Anyone have copies of Baen's New Destinies VI and New Destinies IX?   I had a story in each:  "Welcome to Wheel Days," which is also in my most recent collection, Moon Flights (and thus needs to be protected from Google's grasp because a publisher has the e-rights license) and "Risks of Memory" (which needs protection because, frankly, it's not a good story.   Jim Baen wanted me to have a story in that New Destinies because of my books with Anne McCaffrey, and that was the only thing I had in the trunk...nor could I write something in a hurry, as both my mother and mother-in-law were dying,  I had a book to finish, and our autistic son also needed some of my time (irony button on full blast.)  This is a story I wish had not been published in its present form.  Jim knew it wasn't my best work but felt it was OK-enough.  Looking back...no.  I definitely do not want Google using it.)   For these two books, I have almost no information; my copies have gone AWOL.  I don't have an ISBN or page numbers for my stories from either.  I  don't have a year of publication for VI.

Any help will be appreciated with loud prolonged thank yous.

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