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The Rain News

I came home from church and found that last night's "late rain" had added yet more, as I thought.   

So the total for Friday and Saturday was 8.2 inches.    Driving to and front church, and looking at the creeks and rivers, it looked like everything flooded some, but it was all or nearly all runoff:  the North and South San Gabriel rivers are running brown, the creeks all show evidence of a flood pulse yesteday but no clear trickles today.  Springs often take a few days to 'come up' even if they're going to, so we'll have to wait and see.  

I drove through several showers on the way home from church, and saw a good-sized thunderstorm-rain off to the west.   It's not raining here, though there are rain clouds around.  

My sincere and heartfelt sympathies to everyone else who's been struggling with a drought...but I can't help being happy that we got good solid rescue rain.   We can't tell yet if this is "the end of the drought" or just a welcome wet interlude.

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