April 30th, 2007

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All Monday, All Day (apparently)

The morning started after midnight, watching Charlie Rose interview two former CIA officials and a NYT reporter about George Tenet's book.  I knew it would take it out of me this morning, but wanted to know what they said, as Rose asks better questions than mainstream media, for the most part.

It was a muggy, warm night; we had the fan on, but not the AC (it's only April, global warming or no) so I was feeling hot and sticky and not really restful anyway...and the interviews didn't help.  After midnight, my brain turns back on, but not in a good way--whizzing around banging itself on the walls of sleep, like a June bug in the house.  

Finally got to sleep, only to be awakened at 5 am by a thunderstorm.   Half an inch of rain--good news, as we needed a 'fresher...actually we could use another couple of inches without any problem--but only restless sleep after that. 

Today's main task was finding out what happened to our property tax appraisals, which had not shown up in the mail by now, as they should have.  When I'm feeling charitable, I remind myself that this is a very fast-growing county, with farms and ranches rapidly turning into hundreds of itsy-bitsy lots with things on them, each with its spanky-new tax ID number....and this is why our appraisal notices are consistently late.  When I'm not feeling charitable, as after a Night of Little Sleep, I want to clobber them for being lazy and slow, or wonder why they don't at least process the stable properties first--the ones, like ours, which have stayed with the same numbers and the same owners for some time. 

Turns out the appraisals haven't been mailed, and won't be mailed until, maybe, May 11.   Now I'm going down to do early voting...the infamous and (I'm convinced) very unsafe electronic voting machine has shown up even here...I think the things should be outlawed, as they're clearly easily messed with.  

And then, finally, I may get to do some work, if I don't fall asleep.  Oh, and I have to wash my hair sometime, as I have a speaking gig for tomorrow.    And it's raining again, which is good, as long as we don't get lightning while I have my head under a faucet and the water is connecting me to a good ground...which, with the predicted weather for the rest of the day, suggests I should wash my hair before going to vote.  But I was so hoping to freak out the representative of the electronic voting machine company by putting on a total country persona and then...oh, well.   If I can get my feet into my old boots, I can at least wander in with mud and a whiff of horse manure.   Too bad I can't speak some obscure foreign language to complete the illusion...

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woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Thinking positively...

Although I found the day to be frustrating in several ways--everything took longer, and I was tired from lack of sleep all day--things got done.   Himself, for instance, got Michael's internet working again, much to Michael's satisfaction.   It required a trip across the county, but it's working.   We both voted in early voting; I got my hair washed between thunderstorms (not knowing that it would calm down in the evening and there would be no rush) and some laundry got done, picked up some needed groceries,  and I learned that the appraisal notices weren't lost in the mail--they hadn't been mailed yet.  I have the paperwork for tomorrow at Southwestern all done and in the car; I think I'm ready for the day (if I get some sleep tonight)  and I know where the clothes I want to wear are.  And there's an umbrella in the car as well.

All that may make up for the paucity of words today.  I  kept staring at the page....and what did get on the page is, from tonight's view, stale, flat, and unprofitable.  But it's words, and they'll get better.

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