May 31st, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


Weather wasn't supposed to be a factor last  night or today.   Weather hadn't gotten the message and arrived shortly before dawn with lightning, rain, wind, thunder, and sufficient oomph to disrupt the power for several hours.

Weather isn't supposed to be a factor later today or tomorrow.  I dunno...Weather has a way of making weather forecasters look silly.

It would be easier to finish this book if many other things weren't distracting me, among them the power going off for hours at a time.

Just sayin'

And now returning to my regularly scheduled day's work...

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April


We were out of homemade bread.   This will not do.   I'm spoiled.  So I now have a lump of dough rising out in the utility room (which is hotter and more humid than the house) and the bread-pans greased up and ready for the shaping phase.

I'm tinkering with the recipe again.  That's partly because, in a short hiatus of making this bread, I forgot the exact proportions I'd come up with, and also  because I wanted more of a nutty flavor, so increased the walnut proportion slightly.  I've also started adding a little more yeast.  OK, for the duration of using up old-outdated yeast, a LOT more yeast.  The base recipe, just for brown bread, uses two packets.  I'm adding a packet of the old, non-Rapid-Rise yeast.  Did that last week and I thought it was better.  With all the nuts, fruit, and seeds I've been putting in, especially the added walnuts, the two packets of yeast were not enough to lift all that as much as I like.  (Density is a matter of personal choice.)   I have cut back the shortening 1/6 (from six Tbs to five) because of the fat content of the nuts and seeds.   This makes three good-sized loaves or four smaller ones or six...etc.  They don't last all that long.  One loaf is likely to disappear tonight, for instance.

I should make a second batch tomorrow to take to a potluck supper/birthday party but dunno if I'll get it done, though that would finish up the unbleached flour I bought by mistake, thinking (because it had a brown stripe) it was brown flour.   The book's more important.  But right now the bread is more fun.