June 19th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

The end is in sight....

This morning, before the farrier came to trim the horses, I finished the last chapter of final polish.  Except for one thing--a last check of certain names that have to be aboard certain ships in one particular chapter.  (More on this another time.)  I had just started doing that when the farrier arrived 40 minutes before the earliest time he'd given. 

Sidebar:  I love this farrier.  First of all he's skilled and the horses' feet look better since he started doing them.  Second, he's a good horse manager (he used to train horses) so he doesn't upset them but is firm if they have one of those days.  Third, he's always on time and usually early.  Fourth, *he* keeps track of our schedule and calls me (very useful when I'm on the end of a book or traveling and lose all track of time.  Fifth, he's pleasant and easy to get along with.  I've only had one his equal before and that man decided he couldn't come this far out to do just two trims (he lives a lot farther away.) 

Anyway, back to progress.   I double-checked chapter ten (the relevant chapter whose final check had been interrupted by the farrier's arrival).   I've now created the master book file from the 24 chapter files, and by MS-Word's count (which we all know is fallible) it's 121,495.   A respectable amount of work.  Now to print the submission copy, burn the CD that goes with it, and I'm done.

With another deadline staring me in the face on something else, but done with this until my agent or my editor tells me it needs more work.