July 9th, 2007

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Heinlein Award

Color me amazed/delighted/gobsmacked/humbled.

Wow.   Back when I was an SF-struck 9th grader reading every book I could get my hands on...when I wrote a term paper on science fiction in 11th grade for a teacher who thought it was all junk and I could not possibly have read all those books, I never dreamed that someday I'd be a published writer of same and win any award at all, let alone one named for the writer who first sucked me into the genre.  AND on the centennial of his birth. 

How cool is that!

Unfortunately, LifeStuff (including deadlines) prevented my attending the Heinlein Centennial (something I'd wanted to do early on) but I think Mr. Heinlein would understand finishing work on deadline and caring for family crises (and maybe even catching the drip from roof leaks) as important.
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