July 23rd, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Post-Conestoga, plus friends

Conestoga was...interesting...this year.   The drive from home took longer than expected, but had many beauties as well (GREEN countrysides, after all the rains, and the hot air balloons near Waco) and I got in about two hours later than planned, and very tired.   One kind of expects certain things--especially of Conestoga after previous excellent experiences--which didn't happen.   On the whole, it was possible to enjoy...friends, fascinating wildlife (their charity is a wildlife rescue/sanctuary group who brought in wolves, an albino raccoon (gets my vote for the ugliest!), skunks, pythons, a ring-tailed lemur, a fennec fox, a bob-tailed 'gator. 

Musketeer stuff went well despite only four of us swordspeople being there...one got sick the day before, others had other things come up.  Anyway, for the four of us, the room was the right size, and had a good alcove for stashing the pointy things.   And I had not forgotten everything I knew...

Post convention, I repaired to a friend's house with another writer-friend and we're all working away on various projects, each on our own computer.  I have novel revisions to get done before the next convention...and today was able to show the draft changes of two sections to these excellent "alpha readers" and then make more changes.  Much more sparkly now.  However, there's a lot to go.   And tomorrow I've promised to make bread...though I also have to get the next chunk of revisions done.   So posts here may be scarcer.