July 26th, 2007

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So today we took an early afternoon break from writing (the three of us) and went out to sign stock at another bookstore.  I also needed to find a copy of Bach's Magnificat, which our choir will be singing with the Austin Symphony this winter...and though I have the score already  I need to hear what it's supposed to sound like.  I found two recordings:  Neville Mariner and the St. Martin in the Fields Academy Chorus and Orchestra, and Karl Richter with the Bach Choir and Orchestra of Munich.   The former has Vivaldi's Gloria on the same CD, and the latter has Cantata 140. 

So far I've listened to the Mariner recording several times, cutting the Vivaldi off after the initial chorus to replay the Bach.   I can't make myself cut off *before* that chorus.  It's too gorgeous.  The Bach is still scary--I'm going to sing that many sixteenth notes that fast on one syllable...and all the other fast notes with all the correct intonation and diction?  Yes.  By then.  Not yet.

Oddly enough though I cannot write to a lot of sung music, I have no problem with sacred choral--that functions well in the background, esp. if it's in Latin.  So the revisions continue to progress, just not as fast as I could wish.  I keep finding things to improve on, but I need to stick to what was requested *first* and then work on the other as I have time.  (!)

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