August 9th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Home...and already at work

I'll post more on the trip later, when the work's done, but the short version is that I had a great time at both Conestoga and NASFiC/Archon.   I feel rode hard and put away wet, but a lot of that was the extreme heat (in Collinsville) and all the long drives, plus the fact that the time between the two was not a "break" for me, but solid 10-12 hours/day of work on revisions. 

I got home yesterday evening, about 7 pm, and came in to find a) the sheets I needed to sign for the limited edition of Moon Flights (I don't know how many sheets there were, but more than are needed--they always send extra) and email from my editor that the edited ms. would be emailed to me today for final approval before it goes to typesetting on Monday.  And ArmadilloCon is this weekend.  Thank heavens I had the sense to tell them I'd be too wiped to do programming, because somehow I have to chunk this thing out real-quick-now.   But I do have to go in, for a Nebs 2008 planning meeting.

So...more later, when time allows.  Richard's car did a fine job for me, in spite of my earlier grumps about having to take it.   We need a whole stable of cars, so we can use the smallest one for the particular trip (that is a joke, sports fans...)

And I need a VACATION.   Really, really badly.