August 23rd, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

With sword in hand...

I haven't fenced since NASFiC, when we did a Musketeer demo.  Before that it was Conestoga.   Before that it was raining and pouring and the practice ground was too wet, or I was traveling.  Or both. 

So tonight I promised I'd be at practice, and I was, and it was fun but I'm stiff.   I got hit much  less than when I'm fencing my fellow Musketeers, but my instructor got me several times.  The other person only once, but it was a doozy.

Unfortunately, when I got home and saw the big scorpion on the kitchen floor that Richard nearly stepped on barefoot, I did not have my blade in hand and thus could not demonstrate my superb point control (this is a joke!)
The blades were in the blade box in the car.

(Come to think of it, what am I doing sitting here?  The blades are still in the car....)

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Wildlife indoors...

...belongs outdoors.

My goal, as a wildlife manager, is to have as much wildlife as the land can sustain outside, and as little as possible inside.  This applies especially to things that sting, bite, eat holes in stuff, make scary noises in the middle of the night, squish when you step on them, hurt when you step on them, stink, render food inedible (don't ask) or otherwise bother me.  Outdoors is all theirs.  In here...they shouldn't venture.