August 30th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Water, water...someday...

Today's excitement was the arrival of four big 2500 gallon water storage tanks and the finicky placement of them in close to their final position.  Two will replace smaller tanks at corners of the house, and two will go in the next rain barn (partly built.) 

Four of these big tanks on a trailer are something to see.  John McLean transported two for us several years ago on his farm trailer...lying flat, nose to tail (so to speak.)  The dealer brought in all four, standing upright. 

This brings the "near the house" rainwater storage to 13,700 gallons: five 2500 gallon tanks (two at the barn, will be three at the house--the fourth corner of the house is too close to the carport to put a big tank there.)   We could use another 5000 gallons to collect rainwater off the carport/hayshed, but that has a lower roof at the end and thus  we can't use the big tanks, which are 8 feet tall. 

The three big house tanks will have to have "foundations" to keep them level--probably sand, with a "cuff" around it to hold it in.   What will we do with 13,700 gallons of storage capacity?  Well...capture more of the water in short hard rains like the two brisk showers today.  Use it to water the horses, top up the water garden,  keep the shade trees happy in dry spells, perhaps even increase the pecan crop, and water anything else we want to.  In addition, as emergency water to flush toilets or even boil for cooking/drinking...that's a fair amount of water.  What we've already got is handling the horses and the water garden...but we could do more if we had more.