September 4th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Additional images...

Finally updated the photo gallery on my website  with pictures from the land the last couple of weeks.

For those whose interest is more, um, taxonomic on the biology end, there are the galleries here at LJ  which are divided that way.

That one shows all the galleries.    Note that there are two pages of galleries.  So far....
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Bread and soup

Cloudy, drizzling to raining, days of changing barometric pressure and constant humidity...and my sinuses are dripping and making my throat raw.

So, time for a good soup and bread supper.  I took the last quart of last January's chicken stock out of the freezer, along with a package of chunked chicken from the same day's cooking, chunked some leftover pork roast, added a can of Ro-tel diced tomatoes and green chiles, and a few chile pequins from the yard, and then put in the leftover rice from last night.

The bread's also homemade, whole-wheat walnut, with some additional seeds in it (though I'm almost out of same and need to buy some more sunflower and pumpkin seeds.)

Now it's really raining again, and soon R- will be in from the barn, hungry, wet, and ready for supper.