October 3rd, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

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Mac got home a little over an hour ago.   He was energetic, clearly happy and excited to be home, even (idiot horse) trotted around his pen.  He wanted Illusion to come say hello, but Illusion took his own sweet time about coming into the barn, which gave me time to go in and get the camera.    "Hey--it's me--remember?"

Yes, I remember you.  I'm the boss, got that?

  Now that's settled, let's pose prettily...
woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

More Mac pictures....

Of most interest to horse people, probably.  First, the first shot I got when he stopped trotting--full weight on the right fore, the worse front leg (note bandages have loose ends.)


Next, notice the spread of the front legs--he's not hurting.  That's not a head-bob of lameness, he was about to sniff at the bottom of that gate.  It was a relaxed, easy, slouchy walk, something I haven't seen for awhile.

An hour or so later, I'd managed to stick down the loose end of the near fore's bandage (which I'd seen him step on and stumble) with green Vetwrap...he's walking briskly back and forth, because Illusion went out of sight at the far end of the north horse lot, and Mac wants him back.  Whinnying did not work.  He's showing no concern for that right fore and is about to put weight on it confidently.

Finally, he posed at the corner of the south paddock, where he was still trying to see Illusion; if he'd squared up his hindquarters it'd be a perfect glamour shot.