October 4th, 2007

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Mac and me and a big long sigh

This morning I went out and Mac had deftly removed the bandages and the foam pad on his left front.  Since the left front is also sore, this meant he spent part of the night with more weight on his right fore, the worse one, and of course this made him stiff.  And sore.  More sore.

We found the discarded pad and its wrappings,  I brought out all my Vet-Wrap,  flatted out the pad (which had gotten scrunched up, and put the pad back on his foot, attaching it with Vet-Wrap.  Then Vet-Wrapped over the bandages on his right front, to hold  them on.  He limped, but slightly less pitifully after this.

The Vet-Wrap stayed on all day and into the evening (dunno about tomorrow morning.)  Meanwhile he got his second dose of the stuff that's supposed to improve blood flow, and I ordered the other supplement that's recommended for him.  His new booties came, with two inserted padded orthotics.  One is soft and purple; the other is "regular" and turquoise.   The outsides are black.  Combining the height of the sole with the insert, he is going to be a taller horse in front.   They're cleverly designed: the sole material comes up on the margin to form a "frame" for the insert, so it can't slip relative to the sole, and there's also Velcro(tm) glued to the bottom of the insert and the inside of the base (sole and wrapping)--so it's really firm in there.   The fabric comes up in the back (ending in straps that fit around to the front) and front/sides (with straps that go around the back) and there are two clever "air holes" on teh sides, at the level where the hoof touches the insert, to provide some ventilation for the foot.  They are much wider than Mac's foot because (I have mentioned this) he has narrow, not-great-shaped feet.   So there could be lateral slippage...and nothing I can do about that....he has 5" wide, but 5 1/2 inch long hooves, and the vet did not want the length to be too short for him.)  And they're heavy.  And I wonder how he'll take them.   They should work much better than the loose foam pads with bandages over them, though.   Nothing is going to get through that heavy sole to poke his, and with the soft purple insert it should be comfortably cushiony.   

I did not go out and put them on him right away because I pulled a muscle in my back yesterday or the day before and figured he could survive till morning.  Called my farrier.  We will finish his trim from last time (the extra wall and heel my farrier left in case the vet wanted the clinic farrier to shoe him up there, plus the back feet.)   Though he's supposed to be on a low dose (one a day) of Bute now,  I will give him a double dose a couple of hours before Brian is due, to make sure he's comfortable for the trim.  I hope.   He will certainly get his once-daily dose of Bute tomorrow an hour before I try to put the boots on him.    I will try to get pictures.