October 25th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

Bach to Bach to Brahms

Two hours of section rehearsal (second sops and altos combined) on Bach's _Magnificat_, followed by a half hour of work on a piece from Brahms' _German Requiem_, which we'll sing this Sunday. 

Wow.  Our organist, Austin Haller, ran our section rehearsal, and he is so good!  Not as good as David, but very, very good.  We worked on every chorus, each of the two sections alone, then together.  Not near perfect yet, but it was very easy to mark the bits I'd gotten wrong when working at home.

Tired, though.  It's not easy music, and my copy of the score is an old one, somewhat yellowed with age, with very small notes (as I get older, the notes get smaller, I swear!)