November 2nd, 2007

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38 years

Thirty-eight years ago, on a day much like this had been (a norther had made it to south Texas, so it was clear, crisp, lovely), Richard and I were married at Trinity Episcopal Church in Pharr, Texas, my home church.

He was in the Army, with orders to 'Nam.  I was in the Marines, stationed at HQMC.  We had a lovely wedding; we had friends and family there, and the only difficulty was leaving the wonderful food prepared by the competing Jewish and Lebanese friends for the reception.  It was not an "overproduced" wedding because I had only a few basic requests. The reception was in the parish hall, most of the food was made by friends, nobody was asked to buy or rent expensive clothes.  (Those from away did have to make their way to the extreme tip of south Texas, but that was something I couldn't help.)

We set off in the afternoon for a riverside cabin south of Leakey, on the Frio, and thence to Big Bend to camp in the Basin, and thence to Fort Davis, and so on.  The tent we'd ordered had not come.  Neither had the special zip-together sleeping bags.  We had two old Army sleeping bags of different vintage, that very definitely did not zip together (the zippers didn't have the same shape of teeth, for instance.)  We bought an 8 x 10 tarp and some rope in Del Rio and contrived shelter from that traditional material, in lieu of.  The incident of the catsup escape (discovered at Fort Davis State Park) was immediate proof, if proof were needed, that Richard was a great husband already.  Next came the rainstorm that defeated our contrived tent and sent a rivulet of icy water down the middle...

A camping honeymoon with minimal equipment (and some that doesn't work) is an excellent test of the ability to handle unexpected problems and the available coping mechanisms.  (We laughed a lot.  That was good.)

At the end of the honeymoon, after a night spent at Richard's mother's apartment in Schertz, we flew east, one flew west, and the cuckoo's nest was always in view.

There are way too many "entertaining" incidents in 38 years to relate, and I will spare you all.  But it's been 38 years without a single boring day, with a husband who is far better than I deserve, and we're both happy to see another anniversary come around.  

As I said to someone on another site, commenting on the same post there, stubbornness and a relentless sense of the ridiculous really help...

So today we went out on the land...then to the city to eat, meet friends, buy books.  And on the way home sang silly songs we made up as we went along.