November 15th, 2007

woods, Elizabeth, camera, April

80 acres: a lucky sighting

I had gone out to put out bird feed at Owl, but stopped along the way to see what birds were using the remaining puddle in the creek--upstream and around a bend from the footbridge--for water.   (Yellow-rumped warblers, cardinals, a Lincoln's sparrow, an American goldfinch, Carolina chickadees, and I heard but did not see clearly a Carolina wren.) 

Then along came a mammal...a young raccoon.   Thanks to the wind direction, it didn't get my scent, and it didn't see me or hear the clicks of the camera as I took a LOT of pictures of it foraging in the puddle.  I don't know what it was eating, but it was finding very small things (dragonfly nymphs?  tiny tadpoles?  aquatic insects other than odes?)

Eventually an eddy of wind changed direction, and away it went, back into the woods.  But it was fun to watch it methodically working that puddle.